Veriken enables content creators to capitalize on the exponentially growing demand for digital content.

Veriken interface on macbook

Legitimate NFTs, Actually Smart Contracts.

Web3 Native
Built for the
Creator Economy

Veriken digital assets provide utility to consumers and are backed by real world license agreements.

Veriken Web3


Easy to Deploy Custom Storefronts

Easy to Browse Storefronts

Browsing and purchasing from Veriken storefronts is as simple as buying from a traditional website. Simply select the item you wish to purchase and the digital asset is minted directly to your wallet.

Create your own storefront and product catalogs without writing a single line of code.


Flexible Product SKUs

Clear License Terms

Easily carve up your intellectual property into multiple product SKUs to unlock maximum value from your assets.

Assets purchased from Veriken powered storefronts contain legal agreements attached to the token. Rest assured that your license rights cannot be changed without your consent.


Enterprise Grade Licensing

Dynamic Digital Assets

License materials on your terms and increase the value of your products with Veriken's built-in license engine.

Veriken digital assets support lifecycle events that are encoded in their smart contracts. Assets can evolve over time with support for renewals, post sale upgrades and other features.

Why Veriken

  • Tokenized

    Veriken digital assets represent a legal contract between the creator and holder. Leverage our license template library or work with our expert legal team to adapt your existing legal agreements.

    Know exactly what rights are granted when purchasing an asset and that those rights cannot be modified without your consent. Veriken assets an actual legal agreement between the seller and the buyer.

  • On-Chain

    Infinitely carve up license rights to provide more choices to buyers and unlock the maximum value from your digital property. Leveraging smart contracts means conflicting products can be offered in parallel but not sold.

    Looking to personally use an item in a video game or making an investment purchase where exclusivity and commercial use rights are paramount to long term value? On-chain inventory management allows you to buy exactly what you need.

  • Actually

    Our smart contracts implement the business intent from the legal agreements. In addition to handling royalties and time based license grants, our smart contracts also enable additional revenue streams through renewals and license upgrades.

    Only need a license for a week or want to add commercial use rights to your existing asset? Our smart contracts implement various business terms including support for lifecycle management after the initial minting.

  • Standards Compliant

    Veriken digital assets are compatible with existing NFT applications, marketplaces and wallet solutions. Veriken's solution gives you control over what you sell while providing the direct ownership and flexibility Web3 users expect.

    Veriken digital assets can be used with existing NFT applications, marketplaces and wallet solutions. Digital property with real world value can now be bought, used and sold just as easily as any other Web3 native asset class.

Use Cases

  • NextGen Collectibles

    Web3 native commerce platform for physical, digital and hybrid collectibles with advanced licencing capabilities

  • Stock Media Licensing

    Tokenize, advertise and directly license images and videos without involving unnecessary intermediaries

  • Web3 Gaming Marketplaces

    Leverage our white label marketplace for in-game assets so you can focus on building your game

  • B2B Licensing Platform

    Unlock new revenue opportunities and streamline your existing operations by tokenizing your existing IP

  • Data Marketplaces

    Unlock the value trapped in your existing data sets by licensing them to others under terms you control

  • Patent Licensing

    Streamline the packaging, sale and licensing of intellectual property

  • Loyalty Programs

    Issue loyalty points and allow users to redeem them for any good or service

  • Decentralized Kickstarter

    Minimize fees while providing maximum flexibility to early supporters

  • Professional Services Platform

    Turnkey self-sovereign solution to onboard & invoice clients, manage deliverables and collect payments